Vitrified CBN Wheel For Bearing Grinding

Vitrified CBN Wheel For Bearing Grinding

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    Vitrified CBN | Noritake Abrasives

    The XAP Internal Grinding wheel is a special vitrified bonded CBN quill mounted tool that demonstrates stable and extraordinary accuracy... More

  • vitrified bond cbn grinding wheel for bearing grinding

    Vitrified Bond CBN Grinding Wheel for Bearing Grinding

    The Company is specialized in making vitrified bond CBN wheel series and vitrified bond small wheels for precision grinding, which are widely applied in compressors, automobiles, bearings, tools, machines and moulds industries.

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    Vitrified-bond CBN "Muscle Wheel" | NORITAKE CO.,LIMITED

    The Muscle Wheel is a hybrid vitrified-bond CBN wheel that uses plastic-reinforced hard porcelain vitrified bonds. Working in combination with pores that improve its grinding performance, this grinding wheel offers both high grinding efficiency and long wheel life with excellent performance for intermittent grinding that is prone to impact loads.

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    19 The CBN wheel in bearing grinding|Newdiamondtools

    May 28, 2019· Low temperature and high strength microcrystalline vitrified bond are used for vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel. CBN abrasive grain size is 100/120 and the concentration is 150%. CBN abrasive grain size is 100/120 and the concentration is 150%.

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    Vitrified Bond CBN Grinding Wheels | 3M

    The bond of a CBN grinding wheel is what holds the abrasive material in place. Most vitrified wheel bonds consist mainly of naturally occurring raw materials like kaolin, feldspar and glass frits – all of which are subject to variations in quality.

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    Vitrified Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

    Vitrified Grinding Wheels provide: 100-300 Times the Life of conventional grinding wheels in comparable applications. Efficient Heat Removal with open structures that carry coolants into the work zone resulting in less thermal damage to metals when compared with other bond systems.

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    CBN grinding wheel,cbn abrasive,Vitrified CBN Grinding

    The displayed vitrified CBN grinding wheels with carbon fiber core which lead the future industry and grinding wheels used for high speed steel roll became a spotlight at this exhibition. The latest product combined with grinding application examples attracted the attention of high-level end-users from relevant industries at home and abroad.